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Mr. Fabrizio Toschi, was the dyer and a shareholder of “Tintoria Astico” and founded Color Service in 1987. The idea for Color Service came from the problems he was facing every day in the quality of articles he was dyeing in his own dye house.

It was important to dye “right the first time” in order to hold down costs, meet customer deliveries, to avoid uncontrolled weighing mistakes, and to avoid waste of products (both for chemicals, auxiliaries and for powder dyes).

The different production phases needed to have the finished fabric or garment had to be monitored in order to retrace the origin of the eventual defect. The recipe preparation was at the beginning of the production cycle. At the time there were no automatic dosing systems for products and Mr. Toschi saw a huge possibility to develop in this virgin sector. His genius together with the collaboration with the main Italian textile groups, made possible the realization of the first automatic weighing system for powder dyes. This new system was displayed at ITMA 1987 in Paris. It was an instant success. The rapid spread of these systems changed the approach of the textile world towards automation and these systems become a necessity in itself.

In addition to systems, our internal software develop team writes the control software without the aid of 3rd party software houses and prepares programs in the most widely spoken languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese besides Italian naturally. We like to communicate easily with our customers and be sure they can obtain the most benefits possible from any system purchased.

Over the years the range of Color Service automatic dosing systems became larger, up to the production of dosing systems for liquid auxiliaries, powder dyes (in production and laboratory), for dyeing and printing houses and even tanneries. Color Service is also specialized in the automatic management of continuous dyeing cycles, in foulards and finishing.

In addition, we did not limit our production to the textile field only, but we expanded in the food industry (www.ecodos.it and www.gelateriaclassica.com), in cosmetics, and invested heavily in research & development activities to produce certified plants for each industry segment. In a few years Color Service became the world leader, conquering an important position in the textile machinery field with products “Made in Italy”, creating a name recognized worldwide that is synonymous with cutting edge systems and high technology. Choosing a Color Service plant means to have the backing and support of an industry leader with 25 years of proven experience.

Also thanks to our worldwide sales and support network we export to almost every country in the world.



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