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Volumetric dosing unit DLV-S

dosing of liquids



This is by far the fastest and probably most competitive doser in our product range. It can simultaneously manage multiple product feeds to several machines. It is very versatile, it can dose both auxiliaries/chemicals and liquid pigments. The simplicity of conception gives it outstanding reliability, with negligible maintenance for both the mechanics and electrics. While keeping everything simple, we have installed some safeties that our standards in quality could not overlook:
Mass flow meter for product control (to signal air pockets in the piping)
Product incompatibility management
Position sensor on each dosing valve
Pressure control on the valve head (a drop in pressure means a valve is leaking)
Separate heads for auxiliary/liquid pigment dosing Color Service is the only supplier in the world offering this solution.
Last but definitely not least of the advantages, the drastic reduction in waste and increase in productivity, offering a very short payback on investment time. Are you still thinking about it?




This is quite the most flexible of our models, capable of dosing any quantity whatsoever.

We have combined the speed of volumetric measurement with the precision of gravimetric dosing. The customer has the possibility of establishing a maximum dosing quantity for each product using a gravimetric system involving a keg located on loading cells for optimum accuracy. Above this threshold (e.g. over 300 gr.), the system automatically deviates the products through the volumetric system to optimise speed. Color Service is the only supplier in the world offering this solution. The quality standards remain as high as for the DLV-S volumetric doser, adding an extra great advantage: all the assurances of gravimetric dosing for small quantities or for products requiring greater precision.



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