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dyestuff  distribution - multiple line

The multiple line distribution system is a Color Service creation and for two decades has proved to be the most secure system for feeding products to different services. The plant has a pipe system for each destination. All the piping is hooked up to the distribution head plate with a mobile arm that couples onto on the selected output to pump the liquid to destination. In this way high standards in washing are guaranteed and the risk against contamination is definitively void. The distribution head can be equipped with a double distribution arm to obtain the great advantage of dual feeds: two different destinations can be supplied at the same time.

Color Service highly recommends this system for dyes distribution.



dyestuff  distribution - single line

Monoline distribution using three way valves.


We are also well aware of the cost savings offered by single line distribution against using a distribution pipe for each machine. This is why we have included this feed system for auxiliaries/liquid chemicals, since it nevertheless achieves excellent operating and wash standards by installing the valve technology used in the food industry.


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